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We build a beautiful graphic design that matches your brand image.

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Book of Marks

This is, in short, a standardization of the logo/logotype regarding the proper use of the logo, logotype and sigil, and sometimes the tagline.

The basic mark book consists of:

  1. the symbolism of the origin of the logo
  2. the basic version of the logo
  3. alternative versions of the sign
  4. sign construction
  5. protective field and basic version of the sign
  1. unacceptable modifications
  2. the color scheme of the mark
  3. application of the mark on various backgrounds
  4. scaling and minimum sign dimensions
  5. sign typography

The above-mentioned rules are important mainly because they protect the way a company should be observed. They should be strictly observed because they are the basis for building a brand image. The book is a kind of instruction manual, which will facilitate proper cooperation with subcontractors.

2D Animations

This is a great tool to show simple messages, schemes, and information in a clear, transparent way. Animation is the most effective means of communication as a marketing tool.

Written or spoken content is understood by 20% of the audience, while animation allows your message to reach up to 90% of recipients.


An illustration comment elaborates, explains. An illustration is an image, inseparable from the text, that complements, explains, supports, or decorates it.

UX/UI Website Design

UX (user experience) design is a stage preceding UI (user interface) design, i.e. preparation of a graphic design of a website/application/shop. 

Professional web design is a process that requires meticulous analysis, market research, and preparation of a strategy of action in accordance with the objectives that were assumed at the beginning of the project.

Social Media Graphics

If you run social media or plan to start your adventure with Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, you need to know that well-chosen, attractive graphics and photos can present your company or business better than a thousand words.

That’s why it’s so important to choose the right graphics so that they not only present your content in the right way but also that they form a kind of whole so that they are consistent with each other.

Icon Design

We design icons for websites, mobile applications, and computer programs. We can prepare icons to be a graphical shorthand that identifies a function or information.

We also prepare icon sets that organize content and divide and categorize data or products. We design using vector graphics and save according to current graphic standards in formats such as PDF, AI, SVG, and additionally ICO, ICNS, PNG, or BNP.