Frequently asked questions

It all depends on how “big” of a site you need and whether the content is ready or needs to be created. A simple site 2-4 weeks, and a more advanced project ~4-8 weeks.

You don’t have to, but then we will use so-called “lorem ipsum” content for the project, which can be easily changed in the panel later on. As far as photos are concerned, we use free stock  images and they are provided in the project price!

It depends on how complex the website should be, what additional solutions should it contain. 

Each project is priced individually, depending on the applied solutions, needs, and budget of the customer and the design.

 Of course. We give you full editing access and instructions. 

*After creating a website we can take care of its advertising on Google.

Requirements of Internet users and the devices they use are constantly changing. RWD is a way of creating websites in such a way that they are displayed correctly, legibly on any device, regardless of whether you use a laptop, desktop, or phone. When the screen resolution changes, the website changes its appearance and works correctly.

Of course we do, in fact we have Edamame Store

For more detail information, please read this section  https://www.edamame.agency/web-services/#ecommerce

The process is very simple

  1. we sign a contract to create a website 
  2. we collect guidelines/materials
  3. we design the main page + one subpage.
  4. we wait for your comments or acceptance.
  5. we design the remaining subpages.
  6. waiting for your comments or approval.
  7. we start the creation process.
  8. you receive the page for testing together with access to the CMS panel.
  9. we deliver the ready website.

You have a huge impact on the final look of your website!

Of course, it is possible, but most often it will be much more beneficial to create a new website from scratch, mainly due to the fact that the old websites were created in old technologies, which have been replaced by newer, faster, with more capabilities. It is very often more expensive to modify an old website than to create a new one.

There are many websites based on ready-made, freely available templates. These websites work quickly and efficiently and look really good. 

If you order an individual graphic design, our graphic designer will prepare a layout for your new website, to which you can submit your comments. The design itself will be created with your recommendations, based on the submitted logo, expected colors, etc.

If you mean all the latest versions of WEB 2.0 browsers then YES.

We assume that if a website is to be modern and look professional, it must be made in new technologies that are not supported by old browsers.